About Us

ForExpatsbyExpats is, first and foremost, a community of Expats sharing their knowledge, learnings and perspectives with one another. Only Expats know what it means to be an Expat.

Being an Expat is a choice of life. Today millions of Expats are living abroad exploring the adventure of moving away from family, friends and known culture to new places around the world.

As an Expat you are made out of a very special material. You have what it takes to deal with uncertainty, surprises and unforeseen challenges. You learn how to navigate through language barriers and cultural differences’ to establish a home away from home.

Whether you relocate on your own or with your family, it takes hard work and commitment to balance career and a personal life in a new country. You have to build new networks both professionally and personally, in addition to staying connected to your roots in your home country.

But you are also experiencing a life changing journey with the opportunity to grow tremendously, whether you are on your own, or together with your family. Countless of memories will turn into great stories shared with fellow Expats, family and friends.

Hans Christian Andersen once said: To travel is to live. Expats know he was right.


Your Expat Team